New Government Fund Helps Raise Capital in the UK

raise capital uk

The UK Government plans to help businesses raise Capital through the British Business Bank.

A U.K. government backed bank started a funding program to encourage British businesses to source Capital within the UK instead of SME’s having the costly expense of travel to the likes of Silicone Valley USA etc.

raise capital ukBritish Business Investments published recently a request for business proposals for its Managed Funds Program, which could eventually drive as much as 1.5 billion pounds ($2 billion) into high potential companies in Britain, according to BBI Chief Executive Officer.

The average U.K. venture capital fund is one third smaller than in the U.S; and a few years’ back it was not unusual for British SME’s to take the plunge across the pond indeed whilst a Business Accelerator Growth Coach for Grant Thornton and Winning Pitch previously this was encouraged.

BBI, a subsidiary of British Business Bank Plc, will invest 500 million pounds of government equity into large scale funds of funds as part of the program, which was announced by Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond last year to close the U.K.’s patient capital funding gap. That money could leverage another 1 billion pounds from the private sector, including from pension and investment funds.

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