Before we start you on your journey, use what we use to do our research:

Have you thought about registering with the Government Tax Incentives?

EIS 1994 Enterprise Investment Scheme – 30% tax return for high risk early stage businesses
Your company can raise no more than £150,000 in total via SEIS investment.

Investors cannot control the company receiving their capital, and must not hold more than a 30% stake in the company in which they invest.

Investors can receive up to 50% tax relief in the tax year the investment is made, regardless of their marginal rate.

Government link to EIS

*NEW!!*May 2018 The Government is not offering consultation on this but we will be able to support you. Please send us your enquiry.

Are You Ready To Source Investment?

When you are seriously getting ready to source to raise Investment you firstly have to have the right documents in place that Investors will require. There are several depending on the stage of the raise from Pre Seed stage to Series B/C and beyond.

  • Business Plan minimum 5 years – optional not widely used now for raising investment.
  • Cash Flow – minimum 5 years
  • Valuation – Free Valuation Report for our Members
  • Teaser
  • Executive Summary
  • Investment Memorandum
  • Pitch Decks x 2 one for Investors and one for Pitching
  • Marketing Strategy

This process can take up to 3 months and maybe more.

You have the OPTIONS to REGISTER for SIES/EIS Tax relief Government scheme to make your Investment Proposal more attractive to Investors. This process could take from 4 – 9 weeks. If you wish additional support with the process you can contact us or have an online CHAT with one of our members for support.

Cash Flow

Using software as a business revenue model using technology normally comes in at seed stage and favoured by Angel Investors.

You can also calculate EBITDA by taking a company’s net income and adding back interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation.
By minimising the non-operating effects that are unique to each company, EBITDA allows investors to focus on operating profitability as a singular measure of performance.

There are 2 models which most investors welcome.

Pitch Deck

I use this infographic (left) as a stand-alone example. Your pitchdeck should include 12/15 slides and no more. You can use the wheel to move the slides around depending on the industry you are in or indeed who you are pitching to. For example if you are Pitching to Chinese Investors then the Financials would be in the first 3/5 slides. It goes without saying that if you insert a Video in Slide 2/3 your OPENING RATE will increase by 30%. For our video, we use Vision4Dreams.
5/5 Perfect Pitch Deck Gateway 2 Enterprise have only ever twice given a 5/5. This was a company originally from Australia who then moved to USA to raise and then was on their way to UK for me to work through recommendation to work with them, though they stopped off in Singapore and raised as I knew they would. With a deck like this it was a forgone conclusion. To view this Pitch Deck, click here. Another 5/5 pitch deck can be viewed here. This was from Mayku, a tech startup.

Recommendations for London Accelerator Programme

Capital Enterprise

London Seed Investment Club

London Co Investment Fund

Crowdcube Equity Crowd Funding

Essential for Preparation

Using Digital Technology to share to our Investors our Monthly
Investment Portfolio and to generate NEW Investors for our Clients.

Entrepreneurs and SME’s often struggle with their Business Services costs. Here at Gateway2Enterprise, we have been working with Family Finance Centre for the last several years; a creative Accountant that you can trust. They are massively supportive with 121 advise at affordable costs. Click their logo to visit their website or view their exclusive Gateway2Enterprise Profile here.

Support With Preparation and Structure

Business Shaper Group, our new partner, will help your business gain access to growth funding. If you’d like to discuss development and structuring with them, follow this link!

Here is their profile. (This PDF will open in a new tab)