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Mentoring - Cherry on Top!

This book took me back to the basics of enjoying life with people you love and who love you and to be a kid again the innocence expectations and surprises and LIFE THEN CAN BE A bowl of cherries and you can have the icing on top by using Mentoring as your enabler to assist in achieving this. It was a hit for Doris Day LIFE IS A BOWL OF CHERRIES

Supporting Dreams

I had 2 successful businesses in the 1990's - a TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY - Advanced Training and a Social Introduction Company in 2000 which was so successful it had its own TV Documentary - GOLD INTRODUCTIONS and was featured in many magazines and Radio Shows....

Get Britain Working

As the Conservative Party moved forward with it's 'Get Britain Working' campaign our local candidate for Warrington South, David Mowat, felt that it was their duty with the number of unemployed on the rise to tackle this problem locally.

Happy Entrepreneur Mindset


I love the way it is so clear on what works and what hasn't worked, but also why. It's very easy to make mistakes when you want to start your own business and Karen's structure of this book helps to focus on what steps you need to take and how without complication. Broken down into sections, case studies and bullet points. I found it very much the face to face support I have but in text. Very human, experienced and supportive. A privilege to have around. This is the book I go to when I need clarification and advice. A must read!


Women Warriors: A True Woman Warrior Lifts Up Other Women

Fascinating read, what an interesting life the author has had. She has a great insight into the way women interact with one another. Would highly recommend.

I am so proud to launch my latest book 'Women Warriors' based on my struggle within my life as a business woman and sharing insight into other women who have struggled in the present and from the past across the Globe. This book is a self-help business book to encourage and inspire other women/men to become independent and use their 'Entrepreneur flair'to become financially independent but it also 'bears all' from my own private life that hindered me at times in business having had many failures and successes and having had so many demons.